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We work with you on the strategy, handle all the integration, legal, and management, then help with your marketing and capital raise.

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We launch funds in 8% of the time with $0 from you

Usually funds take 6mos+ and $250k+ to launch - we do in 2 weeks and don't charge you anything. We provide fully-automated SMAs, covering all the infrastructure and legal requirements, so you can focus on the marketing and capital raise.

Once launched, we share in the fees from invested clients.


We handle everything else so you can focus on growth

A comprehensive client experience

Clients are put first

Investors in your strategy have full brokerage functionality: transfer funds, dashboard of holdings and performance, statements, and tax documents.

We have built in growth tools like referral bonuses, automated emails, newsletter, auto-invest, and more to maximize client-base growth.

Full-service brokerage covering compliance and client experience

FDIC-insured cash, SIPC-insured securities


Our partner funds

Quiver Congress Buys

Automatically invests in the 10 most purchased stocks by members of Congress and their families.

Monaco NFT Index

Direct exposure to the top 50 NFT projects with full liquidity.

TI Relative Strength Index

An index by Trade Ideas that captures swing trades determined by their quantitative model.

Nancy Pelosi Tracker

A fund that follows Rep. Pelosi's publicly visible equity exposure. Automatically rebalanced as her public accounts change.

Quantbase Crisis Flagship

A fund that invests into an allocation of stocks that do well in crises, based on factors backtested to 1974. The fund detects a bear market using the...

Crypto Momentum Fund

A market-cap weighted fund that seeks to rebalance into the top performers in the cryptocurrency market.

Our Process

We have a high-bar for our process to ensure clients are put first, and we've worked hard to streamline it throughout.

Submit your application in 3 minutes, then schedule a time to chat with us.

If you qualify, we will develop an investing strategy with you and take it from there with our fund build and testing procedure, integrating with your website, and setting up the subscription process.

In 2 weeks or sooner, we launch! We'll do an initial marketing blast, and assist you on an ongoing basis with your marketing + capital raise.


We don't charge our partners anything. We agree on a fixed subscription fee for client fund access and split it.

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